The annual Round Table Cannonball Run Africa Event 2017!

Registrations for one of South Africa's most unique motorcar events are open soon.

Cannonball Run Africa has become somewhat of a legendary event, one that most petrol-heads aspire to partake in, for the cars, the thrill, the adventure, the amazing destinations and downright fantastic people. If you have participated in a Cannonball Run Africa as convened by Round Table and organised by Super Car Lifestyle you will know it's more than an event, it's an experience.

CBR Cape

After the massive success of the Round Table Cannonball Run Africa which starts in Johannesburg every year, Round Table are proud to announce the start of a spin off event called the Round Table Cannonball Run Cape. Read more

CBR Africa
9-13 August 2017

Cannonball Run Africa is an event organised and convened by Round Table. The event takes contestants on a epic, mystery journey of adventure along a course of clues and events. Read more

7-9 October 2016

Round Table will host the Round Table Cannonball Run KZN for the fourth year, this event is fast growing in popularity and will soon be challenging the main event! This will be a two day two night event starting in Durban and ending at an undisclosed venue. Read more


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